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Summer jobs of 2023
Summer jobs of 2023Looking for a summer job? You’re in the right place! Applying to summer jobs has never been easier – one application is all you need to fill out!Summer jobs
Working in Finland – what’s it like?
Working in Finland – what’s it like?What do you need to know about working in Finland? This at least: there are a lot of opportunities, and we can help you take the first and all the following steps in building your work life in Finland.Working in Finland
Relocating to Finland – you’re very welcome
Relocating to Finland – you’re very welcomeThinking of getting a job in Finland and moving here? Great! We can help you to settle in and build your life and career here along the way.Relocating to Finland
Growth solutions for your business
Growth solutions for your businessWhen you’re need a partner that knows Finland through and through, you’re in the right place. Barona is the solution. We’ll give your business solid foundation to grow on and make your life simple and more predictable.For companies
Expanding to Finland? Let’s get the ball rolling
Expanding to Finland? Let’s get the ball rollingYou’ve found a growth opportunity in Finland and now only thing needed is… everything that is required to make it happen? Don’t worry, help is here. We can be there for you to get things going and we can be your partner for life.Expanding to Finland
A word from our CEO
A word from our CEO”We must get the political decision-makers and the entire business community on a common front,” writes Lassi Määttä, CEO of Barona.Read Lassi’s blog