Join us in making Agora the best modern urban delivery kiosk in the world!

Agora Networks’ unique innovation is the Agora platform: modern last mile parcel delivery kiosk network that is machine learning powered, easy access and consists of fully automated outdoors placed locker that allows 24/7 access to its customers.

Now you have a million-dollar chance to be part of an innovative and modern technology company that nobody has seen before. This is the right time to step in and show your vision. We have great ambition with the aim of internationalization.

We are start-up-like company with a long history. We have an experienced management and strong funding to back our business and future plans.

To bring the business to the next level, we are looking for innovative and start-up-minded developers, operation managers and sales oriented colleagues with a passion for sustainability and making things happen.

If you want to leave your own mark in the history of new technology, apply today!

What is Agora?

  • Data-driven tech savvy platform is in the core of Agora
  • Modern urban outdoor furniture with digital surfaces for advertising
  • A novel bridge between brick & mortar and e-commerce benefiting both retail and logistics. Designed to realise the benefits of click and collect.
  • Fully automated and 24/7 accessible solution for parcel deliveries
  • Enables temperature controlled storage such as groceries and pharmaceuticals
  • Streamline parcel flows with real time storage capacity information

Open positions

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Why Agora Networks?



Unnecessary traffic within the cities need to be reduced, traffic jams and low air quality are constant headache in fast growing cities. Smart cities requires solutions that are environmental sustainable.



Consumer behaviour is changing faster than ever. New consumers groups have realized the benefits of the eCommerce and are constantly demanding new type of services. Last mile deliveries, BOPIS, and food deliveries services are booming.




Market trends and consumer behaviour are driving towards to economical models where open platforms and scalable integrated on need basis shared services will be dominant in the future.

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Agora Networks develops an Agora technology platform, which consist a cutting-edge technology fully automated outdoor parcel kiosk product family and software solutions that fulfil the gaps in e-commerce’s digital customer journey. Agora Networks was established in 2016 and has built and executed a pilot network of 8 Agora kiosks in two major cities in Finland in 2018. The company has developed a fully automated parcel kiosk and software solutions during 2018-2020. Target is expanding into selected global markets by 2025. Nordic coverage of 300-500 kiosks will be in place by 2023 as a proof business of concept.

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