About Barona – who we are and what do we stand for

Founded in the turn of the millennium in Finland, we at Barona have reformed the working life in the Nordics and abroad for over 20 years. Our roots are in the staffing business but these days we are a company with wide variety of services, not only in HR but everything that helps our customers grow.

Over 30,000 people find a job through us every year. We have offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Slovakia and operate also in Eastern Europe and Philippines. 

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Looking for a job in Finland?Did you know that English is the official language in 44% of Finnish workplaces? And accepted working language in 61%? Some of them have openings right now – see them for yourself!See our job postings in English
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Looking for a partner for growth?When you’re expanding to Finland or need a partner that knows Finland through and through, you’re in the right place. Barona is the solution.Read more about our services
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Barona significant positive impact on the worldAn analysis by Upright finds that Barona has significant positive impact on the world. The most significant positive impacts come from job creation, tax revenue, knowledge creation, and creating a sense of meaning and joy.Read the story

Our Story

Barona was established in Helsinki, Finland in 1999. The story began from an idea two students had that summer at a construction site.

In those days the construction industry was booming and there was a high demand for qualified workers. This gave Markus Oksa and Mikko Leppänen the idea to use their extensive network of skilled workers to help businesses looking for qualified employees. Thus, Barona was born.

The first employee of the new company was personally escorted by bus to their work site by Markus Oksa. During those initial years, the company set up offices in student housing and in a garage. The company’s first significant investment was a fax machine, back then the height of telecommunications technology.

We have come far since those early days. Today we serve our clients in eleven different business sectors and our services cover a wide range of needs from recruitment to outsourcing and warehousing.

When we think about how the next chapter of our journey will be written, we see growing opportunities and increasingly international solutions. We are proud of our Finnish roots and will continue to draw from them, while taking our solutions to a wider market.

Brave do
Brave doWe are part of Bravedo, a supergroup of 30+ companies with experience in for example artificial intelligence, process design, robotics, software development and health care. Bravedo was formerly called Barona Group.Go to Bravedo