Fraud attempts in the name of Barona - we ask you to be careful


Fraud attempts have been made in the name of Barona to commit fraud, where requests have been sent from fake social media accounts or directly via text messages, including requests for money in exchange for a job or to be in contact with a "recruiter" in Barona's name. This is a serious attempt at fraud, and Barona has duly reported the matter.

We would like to remind you that we do not charge or ask for money for services related to applying for or obtaining a job from private individuals. We also do not approach recipients on social media without clear and proper contact information, by which you can verify that the sender is indeed from Barona.

We ask that if you or your employee have been targeted with a request to hand over money for a job, or if you suspect that you or the employee have been approached through a fake account in the name of Barona, please report the matter to

For further information
Jani Kinnunen, Chief Security Officer 
Pekka Sillanpää, CIO &; CISO