Temp work can be just the thing you want from work-life

Why is temping worth it? Eight reasons to explore temp work

Melis Görsoy 28.5.2023

Would you like to do work that interests you, exactly when it fits your schedule? Perhaps you need extra income alongside your studies or are still pondering what would be your thing in the working life.

Temporary work, also known as temping, offers an excellent combination of freedom, flexibility, diversity, and professional growth. Here are eight good reasons to try temp work:

1. You can build your own work calendar

In temp work, you have a unique opportunity to plan your own working hours. You can select suitable work shifts from the temp calendar so that you also have time for studying, leisure, and hobbies.

2. Work shifts are available far into the future

In temp work, you don't need to worry about job opportunities. Many companies know in advance the shifts when they need temp workers, and new temp opportunities constantly arise. Temp work does not therefore require you to be ready to take a gig immediately.

3. Not all tasks require education or Finnish language

Not all temp jobs require education in the field or previous experience in similar tasks. You may be looking for your first job or want to try out different tasks. Often, attitude is what counts! Also, knowledge of Finnish is not a requirement for all tasks, as you can get by perfectly well in English.

4. You see a wide range of working life

Temp work gives you the opportunity to get to know different tasks, workplaces, and industries. This diverse experience provides you with valuable knowledge, skills, and insights.

5. You get a panoramic view of your own field

Temp work can serve as a good springboard for your professional career. Through temp work, you can find your own interest and envision in which field or in what kind of tasks you want to work in the future.

6. ”Get foot in the door” through temp work

Temp work offers the opportunity to work in several different companies, and many temp workers also find more permanent employment if they wish. Opportunities to work in multiple companies are easily opened at Barona with one application and interview.

7. Job opportunities throughout Finland

Temp work offers the opportunity to work in different parts of Finland. You can move from one city to another without having to worry about finding a new job. You might even find new job opportunities in your new residential area.

8. Temp work is as valuable as permanent work

Whether you do temp work or permanent work, the same wage is paid for the same job, and your work is always equally valuable. Collective agreements ensure that your rights as a worker are protected and that your salary meets the demands of your task.


Temping offers a flexible and diverse path into worklife. Along the journey, you'll have the chance to explore tasks that interest you, gain unique experiences and develop valuable professional skills. Temp work is one way to build a future that reflects your own vision. Dare to try, discover various job opportunities and carve out your unique career path in the professional world!

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