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There is still work to be done.

Finding skilled and reliable workers is a growing challenge in traditional industrial production. Skill requirements are constantly changing as a result of automatization and digitalization.

Therefore, it is best to leave finding qualified employees for either temporary or permanent needs in the hands of specialized professionals. As the leading provider of recruiting and placement solutions, we are ready to challenge traditional wisdom and search for new opportunities in places others might overlook. We can offer the manufacturing industry reliable employees for any situation.

We know what is required from a good employee because our consultants who specialize in the manufacturing industry have themselves worked as experts and supervisors in the field. Because we speak your language, we are able to grasp your needs quickly. We will find you the right welders, machinists, process and assembly line workers. In recruiting we focus directly on technical expertise, qualifications and personality. After finding our professionals we take good care of them.

We understand the demands of the industry. Our payroll department knows the collective bargaining agreements and is constantly praised by clients and employees alike.


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We will bring together our employees and work and if necessary we will accommodate them in furnished apartments and help them settle in. If the necessary know-how is not found from Finland, we train or seek new experts from abroad. We are able to offer our customers personnel solutions for major national and Nordic investment projects.



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