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Would you like to cut all the hassle from growing your business in Finland?

When you’re expanding to Finland or need a partner that knows Finland through and through, you’re in the right place. Barona is the solution.

We’ll give your business solid foundation to grow on and make your life simple and more predictable. So, let’s get the ball rolling.

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How can we help?

  1. Expanding to Finland

    Whatever you need, we know how to help. We know all the details about running a business in Finland and have helped and consulted a lot of companies in setting up their presence here. Read more about Expanding to Finland »

  2. EOR a.k.a. Employer of Record

    No need to have your own business entity in Finland – we can take care of everything from payrolling, HR, recruitment, laws and regulations, relocation, accommodation and employer branding.

  3. Staffing and recruiting

    This is what we are most famous for. The best known and liked staffing company in Finland, we are also experts in basic recruitment, headhunting and executive searches.

  4. Relocation and cross-border recruiting

    Relocation is all the time more and more important for all the Nordic countries. We have experience in recruiting, relocating and accommodating from Eastern Europe and Asia.

  5. Employer branding and marketing

    We are experts in employer branding. We have experience in recruitment campaigns of all sizes and have tried and true solutions for continuous EB and marketing activities.

  6. Outsourcing

    Is running for example customer service, tech support or financial administration not in your core business? You can get them outsourced in your offices or from our service centers in Finland, Sweden, Spain and Poland.

  7. Warehousing and logistics

    Speaking of outsourcing, our warehousing business has solutions for companies in all sizes. We have tremendous facilities near the airport, motorways and harbors in Helsinki area.

  8. Cybersecurity service for companies

    The foundation of BIT SEC Cybersecurity Platform, offered by Barona and Check Point, is MDR-based, AI-enhanced technology and a service that automatically handles 98% of all anomalies. It is complemented by Barona’s 24/7 response and IT support. Read more »

Expanding to Finland – this is how it’s done
Expanding to Finland – this is how it’s doneLike what you’ve read so far? Expanding to Finland is a great growth opportunity, and we are here to help. Let’s not keep the opportunities waiting.Read about Expanding to Finland

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Who are we?

Founded in the turn of the millennium in Finland, we at Barona have reformed the working life in the Nordics and abroad for over 20 years. Our roots are in the staffing business but these days we are a company with wide variety of services, not only in HR but everything that helps our customers grow.

Over 30,000 people find a job through us every year. We have offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Slovakia and operate also in Eastern Europe and Philippines. 

We have experience in these industries:

  • Customer service, online and face to face
  • Sales and retail
  • Hotels, restaurants, catering, and food services
  • Social and health care services
  • IT – everything from tech support to programming
  • HR and financial administration
  • Marketing, communications and creative services
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Food industry
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Production industry

If you have strict requirements for growth partner’s corporate social responsibility, great. We take responsibility seriously and want to be the best possible employer there can be.

Brave do
Brave doWe are part of Bravedo, a supergroup of 30+ companies with experience in for example artificial intelligence, process design, robotics, software development and health care. Bravedo was formerly called Barona Group.Go to Bravedo

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What do our customers say about us?

Retail chain from Sweden on its way to nation­wide store network in Finland

Swedish retail chain for home fixers, Jula, had expanded to Norway and Poland before opening in Finland, and they knew they needed help in understanding the Finnish job market. Here’s what happened.

Read about Case Jula

Over 100 recruited for the launch of clothing giant LPP

When the Polish clothing giant LPP expanded to Finland and opened five different brands and stores at the same time, they needed a leader for operations and skilled staff on a tight schedule. Here’s what happened.

Read about Case LPP

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A woman reading a book next to her bike and wheat field
Barona significant positive impact on the worldAn analysis by Upright finds that Barona has significant positive impact on the world. The most significant positive impacts come from job creation, tax revenue, knowledge creation, and creating a sense of meaning and joy.Read the story

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Expanding to Finland
Expanding to FinlandThinking of pursuing growth opportunities in Finland? Let’s not keep the opportunities waiting – we are here to help you.Read about Expanding to Finland