EOR Services - Global Employer of Record Solutions for Business Growth and Expansion

EOR Services - Global Employer of Record Solutions for Business Growth and Expansion

Do you want to grow your business in Nordic countries? If so, we'd like to help! It can be hard to keep up with all the complicated local tax, benefits, and payroll regulations. At Barona, our goal is to get rid of all your problems by giving you the best and most complete employment and recruitment services in the world. We'll handle all your hiring, HR, and payroll needs in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and other places, making it easier and faster for you to enter new markets.

Our EOR Services

The EOR Services we offer here at Barona include:

  1. HR Experts

    When you use our EOR Services, you can be sure that you will get timely updates on any changes to the local job market, including changes to laws and rules. We'll answer any questions you may have about how work is done in the country you want to move to. We'll also handle all the necessary paperwork and answer your employees' questions.

  2. Employment Services

    Barona is the legal employer of the employees and is responsible for all of the agency employee's personnel costs, such as pay, social security payments, and required insurance. We'll take care of your payroll, tax payments, tax numbers, social security services, and health care at work.

  3. Payroll Experts

    Our payroll experts will make sure that your employees get paid on time and that the amounts are correct. They will take care of vacation time, sick leave, daily allowances, and compensation, and they will make sure your policies are in line with Trade Union Contracts. Barona EOR Services will take care of everything for you. You don't have to worry about how local income tax works or how to keep track of working hours and travel costs.

  4. Labour Law Experts

    Our group comprises more than 70 companies that know much about labor laws. We always know what's going on with labor law and how it's interpreted, and we keep in touch with trade unions to ensure a good working relationship. We always know where to get help if we don't know something. With Barona's help, local labor laws will never be a problem for you again.

  5. Dedicated Account Managers

    When starting a company in a new country, there is a lot to think about and consider. That is why we have Account Managers devoted to EOR services. Our experienced Account Managers understand what is achievable in the long run and what hazards you should be aware of. We will assist you in making the best choices for your company as it expands overseas.

  6. Recruitment Specialists

    We constantly have up-to-date information on the labor market in the Nordic countries, tracking local trends in various sectors and geographical locations to remain on top of any new developments. We can assist with finding the expertise you need to help your company flourish if you're seeking to recruit locally.

  7. Relocation Specialists

    When workers relocate, whether alone or with their families, we help them feel at ease. We help them with documents, bank accounts, housing, schools, hobbies, taxes, and whatever else they need. Our relocation team has years of expertise in creating a service that makes migrating to a new country easier and more pleasurable.

  8. Accommodation Specialists

    We help you in finding housing for personnel who are going to a new country for a period of years or for a shorter project. We are the largest apartment supplier in Finland and the Nordic nations, therefore we have vast expertise dealing with every situation that may occur while looking for great employee housing.

  9. Employer Branding Specialists

    We have a market-leading digital marketing and employer branding team. When establishing your business in a new country you might need to raise awareness of your brand in the local market to ensure that you attract the best professionals available. Here at Barona EOR Services, we have more experience than anyone else at employer branding in the Nordic nations. Whatever kind of professionals your company needs, we can help you find them!

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The Advantages of EOR Services

When you use our EOR services, we become the registered employer of your workers. As the Employer of Record, we will provide a registered business entity for purposes of local employment law. You can be confident that your employment policies are all in line with local laws without having to become an expert on those laws yourself. This frees you from having to solve every problem personally, so you can focus on your business instead.

We can make sure your payroll is compliant with local laws, arrange all necessary visas and work permits, and advise you on labor laws of all kinds in your target country. We can ensure you don’t make any mistakes regarding worker protections, employment agreements, termination rules, notice periods, severance pay, and other aspects of labor law. We also act as a link between your employees and the local government when it's needed.

Does this mean we’ll be managing your local employees? No! We don’t have any supervisory or management authority – these will always remain with you.  Barona will simply act as an intermediary between your company and the employees to make sure that everything goes by the book and according to your plans.

Barona: Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Trustworthy

Barona is a Finnish company with decades of experience providing EOR services. Founded in 1999, we employ over 30 000 people each year and we are one of the largest private sector employers in Finland.

With years of expertise and knowledge behind us, Barona is now operating globally and helping companies break into new markets in Nordic countries and beyond. We have the knowledge, expertise, and proven track record to help your company do the same.

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Markku Vihma

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