Expanding to Finland – EOR and everything else you need

Expanding to Finland – EOR and everything else you need

You’ve found a growth opportunity in Finland and now only thing needed is… everything that is required to make it happen? Don’t worry, help is here.

We help companies in running and growing their business in Finland every day and can make sure the smallest detail and the biggest picture are just right for your strategy for Finland to flourish.

We can be there for you to get things going and we can be your partner for life. It’s all up to you. So, how about it?

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Project lifecycle – an example of how we can help

As multi-industry experts, we can help you in for example launching your retail store chain, establishing your customer service operations or making sure your construction project finishes on time and budget.

Here’s how we can help in different phases of your project or operations lifecycles:

  1. Planning and preparation

    We can be there right from the start, consulting and supporting feasibility studies, finding the right locations and key people for your operations and taking care of all aspects of compliance around permits, regulations and laws.

  2. Setting up and construction

    Recruitment, subcontracting, staffing and payrolling. Health and safety, accommodation, relocation, logistics, waste management, installations – you name it. And if you want us to take care of it all without your own entity, we can be your Employer of Record (EOR).

  3. Operational phase

    Whatever HR, compliance and administration needs you may have, we can be of service. Recruiting, staffing, outsourcing, training, relocation. Health, security, environment, quality (HSEQ). We can also be your warehousing and logistics provider.

Retail chain from Sweden on its way to nation­wide store network in Finland
Retail chain from Sweden on its way to nation­wide store network in FinlandSwedish retail chain for home fixers, Jula, had expanded to Norway and Poland before opening in Finland, and they knew they needed help in understanding the Finnish job market. Here’s what happened.Read more
Over 100 recruited for the launch of clothing giant
Over 100 recruited for the launch of clothing giantWhen the Polish clothing giant LPP expanded to Finland and launched five stores at the same time, they needed a leader for operations and skilled staff on a tight schedule. Here’s what happened.Read more

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Employer of Record – EOR services

You don’t necessarily need to have your own entity to run your business in Finland. With our Employer of Record services all your employee related matters can be dealt by us. You will have our 

  • Finnish payrolling experts
  • Finnish HR experts
  • Finnish recruitment specialists
  • Finnish laws and regulations specialists
  • Finnish relocation specialists
  • Finnish accommodation specialists
  • Finnish branding specialists and
  • Finnish key account managers

working for your business goals, making sure your day-to-day operations run smoothly, are compliant and that no opportunity for streamlining or growth is overlooked.

We are the Finnish interface for your employees and government authorities but won’t have any supervisory or management control – they are always yours.

As the biggest EOR service provider in Finland, we offer the widest scope of services than you can get from any other single company here.

Read more about our EOR services

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Staffing and recruiting

Right people in the right places can be achieved in several ways. We can help you by recruiting or staffing just how you want.

Barona employees in a grocery store

Whatever industry you are in, we can offer you flexibility and solutions for short-term as well as long-term. We can find you a one Chief Marketing Officer once, or we can staff all your retail stores or restaurants or warehouses or customer service centers for as long as you need.

It really is all about your needs.

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Relocation and cross-border recruiting

Are you bringing in your own employees to Finland or know that you will need help in international recruiting and relocation? We can help with those, too.

We know all the twists and turns of Finnish bureaucracy and already are bringing in people to work in different business sectors.

Our solutions for finding the right people and making sure their papers and accommodation are in order are tried and true.

We have offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Spain and Slovakia and operate in Eastern Europe and Philippines as well.

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Employer branding and marketing

Campaigns on mobile screens

Depending on how your brand is known and liked in Finland, getting the right people to work for you might be a challenge. That’s why we have an in-house customer marketing team who can help you in everything regarding employer branding.

Our team is a lean machine, doing hundreds of campaigns of varying sizes every year – everything from two-week single-ad campaigns on one special social network to continuous employee branding advertising with all kinds of assets used widely on online and offline channels.

We know the right places, right audiences and right budgets to reach your goals, and have the most cost-efficient and skilled employer branding team in Finland ready to help you grow.

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If you want to concentrate only on getting results with high quality, our outsourcing services take you a step further than staffing. We can run for example your financial administration, HR, customer service or warehouse fully outsourced.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Better setting for continuous development

    With deeper partnership, our services are tailored to fit better to your processes and we both get transparent data to work on. That makes developing the partnership easier and opens up possibilities for common focus that only outsourcing can.

  2. More cost control for your budget

    Outsourcing makes costs more predictable. Even large variations in needs and seasonality can be managed without unit costs increasing. Scaling up or down? Either way – no problem.

  3. Our full experience working for you

    Every experience we’ve ever gained is working for you. Experience from not only in your industry but others as well. We know what the best practices in outsourcing are now and what’s coming in the future.

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Warehousing and logistics

Do you have goods or materials that need to be stored somewhere? Or are you planning on running an online store in Finland? We can help you with those, too.


Avialogis location

Our newest warehousing facility opened in 2022. Called Avialogis, it’s located next to Helsinki airport right along Kehä III ringway with excellent vehicle access to harbors and all motorways.

This is what you get from us:

  1. Warehousing service tailored to your needs, no matter how big or small.

  2. All warehousing services for your online store, all the way to shipping.

  3. Cost-efficient warehousing automation with both AutoStore and Modula solutions.

  4. Warehouse management system that can be easily integrated with your systems.

  5. Top-of-the-line facilities and handling for dangerous goods.

  6. Value-added services such as assemblies and ESD protected work.

  7. Barona professionals who know the importance of serving you and your end customers well.

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Contact us

Juho-Pekka Nojonen
Juho-Pekka Nojonen
EVP, industriesjuho.nojonen@barona.fi
Elina Koskela
Elina Koskela
VP, Global Talent Solutionselina.koskela@barona.fi
Marina Velikova
Marina Velikova
CEO, Finland Relocation Servicesmarina.velikova@finlandrelocation.com
Harri Alamäki
Harri Alamäki
EVP, cross-industry services & Nordic operationsharri.alamaki@barona.fi
Henri Pynnönen
Henri Pynnönen
EVP, customer sectors & solutionshenri.pynnonen@barona.fi