Nordic IT company Enfo got to enjoy the challenges of powerful growth when a new, large customer meant the company had to extend their customer service support to operate round the clock. At that point it was concluded that the expansion would be best to executed with a partner. Nearshore- service was to complement Enfo´s own service desk.


Enfo partnered with Barona who was able to provide a 24/7 service desk in Katowice, Poland. Prerequisite for the arrangement was that the employees be Finnish speakers.  In addition to the service desk in Poland, Barona has provided employees for Enfo´s own service desk in Kuopio. Senior Manager Kyösti Vähäkainu from Enfo praises the partnership as having been good from the start. “There has been constant communication and challenges have been addressed immediately. There is no unnecessary bureaucratic red tape; any matter can be resolved with a single phone call.”

Vähäkainu points out that starting a 24/7 service is not quite so simple. “At first we were a little nervous about whether Barona would have the necessary resources. But there has always been someone available and we have never had to wonder whether there is someone there. The service has worked and if an employee has gotten sick, Barona has always found a suitable replacement. “

Vähäkainu is pleased that native Finnish-speakers have been willing to relocate to Poland for work. “No one has been forced to go there. Of course there have been some changes in personnel but there has always been a good team of people there and new employees have been found quickly.”


Vähäkainu explains he has has personally visited the service desk in Katowice. “It was a positive surprise to me how well the people get along there. The team is excited about their work and like the city. The good atmosphere is passed on to the customers as well.”

For Enfo one of the most important things in the partnership is maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. The company considers customer service skills even more important than IT skills, even though both are required.

Vähäkainu is pleased with the way Barona´s recruiting expertise shows in finding customer service-oriented employees. The quality of customer service has not decreased ; more than 90 percent of customer feedback rates the service as good or very good.

According to Vähäkainu the cooperation has been a genuine partnership. “Simple and flexible.”


Enfo is a Nordic IT company providing business solutions, finance processes and IT services. Enfo wants to help our clients change their business in a digital dimension. Enfo´s turnover in 2015 was 140 million euros and the company  employs approximately 1000 specialized experts in Finland and Sweden. You can read more at

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