The relocation service aids the recruitment process as well as employees’ integration in the new country. A good relocation service is a competitive advantage for an employer that recruits internationally. The majority of our incoming international employees are, however, Outotec employees in other countries. With the help of a good relocation process we can also ensure that our employees have the correct work permit and that all other authority registrations are adequately taken care of.

The relocation process takes a lot of time and buying it is a cost and resource efficient option. We also count on our relocation service supplier to be up to date with the latest legal requirements as well as other issues that may influence the employment of foreigners.

We have had a good co-operation with Barona. The service packages are sensibly developed and priced. We especially appreciate that they don’t stop before the job is done. It is also handy that the team arranges temporary accommodation right away. It is also great that the relocation team is international too.

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