Together Barona and FSP Finnish Steel Painting devised a surface treatment training program that found 10 new professionals for the company.

It is difficult to find employees for surface treatment and corrosion prevention work, as FSP´s  HR Director Mari Rajamäki knows.

“Those people who have received vocational training in the field can seek other work. The idea of training new employees to hire came from Barona through our staffing cooperation,” Rajamäki explains.

Therefore FSP and Saranen Consulting, part of Barona Group, built an approximately 3 month training program together with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland and the Turku Public Employment and Business Services.

During the training the 12 participants learned the basics of metal painting, corrosion prevention painting and spray painting techniques as well as the machinery and instrument techniques in the field.  In the course of the training participants also completed the required safety certifications.

“The training was an all-round success and we had an amazing group of students. I already felt the selection process was a success. My impression was that the training was also a positive experience for the participants themselves,” Rajamäki comments.

Rajamäki praises the fact that the participants were supported, listened to and encouraged throughout the entire process.

“The participants received exacting instruction. It was demanded that they put effort into the training, but in return they received a well organized program.”

Rajamäki says that even the on-the-job portions of the training at FSP´s paint shops went well,  despite coinciding with summer vacations. Extending some participants´ on-the-job training into the Fall ensured everyone could complete the training.

The purpose of FEC trainings is to provide participants with new skills and employment once the training is complete. FSP was able to employ most of the participants directly after the training but even those that were not hired immediately were asked back later.

“We found the kind of people we were looking for. Now we have employees with the right training who can develop their professional skills further on the job,”comments Rajamäki.

The participants will contribute to, for example, large infastructure such as bridge structures, wind farms, oil refineries, pulp and paper machinery as well as loading machinery and cranes.

Rajamäki recommends the trainings, as she found them to be professionally designed, easy and client-friendly.

Smooth cooperation is something familiar to Rajamäki from her other dealings with Barona over the past three years. Barona is FSP´s partner also in personnel recruitment and staffing.

“The cooperation has been solely positive. Matters can be organized and handled even with short advance notice, and what is agreed upon is also taken care of,” Rajamäki states.


Founded in 1969, FSP Steel Painting is one of Europe´s leading surface treatment companies. The company employs approximately 250 professionals and its turnover was EUR 23 million in 2015. The company has nearly 30 locations in Finland, Sweden, Poland and Estonia.

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