Heinon Tukku is the largest company in the Heino Group which also includes Heinon Juoma and Heinon Toimistopalvelu. Heinon Tukku is a HoReCa wholesale provider that serves its clients nationwide. Heinon Tukku employs 450 persons, with a little more than 500 persons on the Group level altogether.

Approximately 80 percent of Heinon Tukku´s employees are warehouse workers, and Barona´s services are mainly used for all tasks related to warehouse work.

“Previously, we had several staffing companies providing us with workers. In order to increase control and improve effectiveness we wanted to streamline the service and develop a model that best works for us. Barona was the company who could provide this for us,” comments Heinon Tukku´s Juha Talla.


Heinon Tukku´s  co-operation with Barona is based on the pooling principle, where there is a resource pool of trained persons available. The model makes it possible to react to fluctuations quickly, therefore increasing effectiveness.

“Based on seasonal fluctuations, we provide Barona with an estimate of the staffing needs for the next month or two months ahead which allows Barona to maintain the right size staffing pool and train new employees if necessary,” explains Juha Talla. Heinon Tukku`s service guarantee includes the promise to deliver the ordered products and supplies to the customer within 24 hours. Even with good predictive models it is challenging to estimate the amounts and quantities of customer orders in advance. The difference between the heaviest and slowest workload within the same week can be up to 25 FTEs.

“In the normal rhythm, we order employees for the following day by 5 pm the previous evening. The following morning at 6 am, the first workers from Barona start on the morning shift,”says Juha Talla.

A critical factor in assuring success is the on-site contact person who works at the Espoo warehouse. They can call employees to work with very short notice.

“The employee pool is managed by our contact person at Barona, who knows our needs and work. They take care of calling employees into work, training them and maintaining close communication with us.”


In planning the co-operation one of Heinon Tukku´s prerequisites was that the model also work for the employees. Barona´s contact person´s job is to ensure that the employee pool is the right size from both the employer´s and the employees’ perspective.

In recruiting new employees to join the pool, Barona interviews them, selects those candidates that are suited for the job, and ensures that they have the necessary certifications for the job, such as a fork-life operator´s licence. Heinon Tukku provides the information about how many employees they need and for what kinds of tasks. Once the employees start, their immediate superiors at Heinon Tukku give feedback on their performance.

This investment in employee well-being makes a difference and in personnel surveys they have been satisfied with their work at Heinon Tukku. This means that employee turnover is low.

From Heinon Tukku´s perspective, the pooling model has improved effectiveness. They no longer have to spend time on constant induction training or organizing tasks.

One of the clear benefits of the pooling model is that there are no lulls and we have skilled employees ready when they are needed. This allows us to handle spikes in demand and keep our customers happy. Juha Talla

“One of the clear benefits of the pooling model is that there are no lulls and we have skilled employees ready when they are needed. This allows us to handle spikes in demand and keep our customers happy,” comments Juha Talla.

One of the key factors in ensuring success has been open communication, working co-operation and trust between the partners. Both parties give feedback and constantly try to improve operations.

“Co-operation and communication with Barona have worked very well. Both parties work for the other´s success. Trust on both sides is very important,” Juha Talla sums up.

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