IT Business Area Vice President Henrik Rantala was pondering how to solve a challenge a client had presented Barona with. Barona was a significant partner for the client and they wanted the company to bring more to the table besides recruitment expertise.

Due to the nature of the client´s business, we consistently employed a significant number of individuals working for the client in different parts of their organization and in several locations.

-Heikki Rantala

Barona was able to create added value for the client by solving their challenges regarding predictability and crossover-use of resources. Personnel was divided between so many locations that transparency suffered. It was impossible to know where there were too many resources, or where work was being performed by experts who were overqualified. Monthly updating of cost analyses was costly and laborious.

To build a solution, Rantala contacted Barona´s Technologies department. The search for a solution started with a thorough assessment of the client´s needs. Then a solution was tailored to meet these needs and execution moved swiftly.

You always have to start with design first and figure out what is causing the challenges for the client. Only once you have understood this correctly is it possible to build a solution that surpasses expectations. Perttu Mäkimartti

Planning the solution took a month, execution, another month. The client received a service where they could see each employee in real time and know where each resource was at a given time. With the new tool, it was now easy to update the previously laborious cost analyses. The solution has since been scaled for other, similar clients. The time-savings have been significant.

Insight is a HR-reporting tool that offers a window into Barona´s personnel resource and the way it is being used. Insight was executed by our Barona Technologies department which consists of 30 passionate developers driven to advance the digitalization of work.

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