Creating new solutions that meet the requirements for the future of the workplace is an essential part of our business. Jelpster is an example of this work: an on-demand workforce platform that improves real-time customer experience and productivity but also offers a new way of working.


One of our core business areas is resourcing on-site IT support service. The biggest challenge in this field is optimizing the amount of personnel when there are constant fluctuations in demand. We gathered a multi-functional team that started a service creation process aiming to find a new solution for this challenge – how could we make the process of bringing the IT technician and the company together more efficient with the help of new technology?

Our objective was to find a solution that, in addition to efficiency, also takes the customer experience to a new level. Today’s customers expect and demand technical problems to be solved instantly. We are all used to being served on a very short notice, and a two-day wait is just too long. The key focus area in building a great customer experience is being able to reply rapidly to service requests.

The ability to respond quickly usually fails because it is difficult to get in touch with available IT technicians when you have a sudden increase in work demand or many sick leaves at the same time. Companies rarely have a pool of part time workers ready for situations like this. This is not a sustainable solution for either the company or its employees.


As a solution, we created Jelpster – a platform based service that brings together the community of IT technicians and the company that has challenges to meet the continuously fluctuating demand. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you need an extra technician you just post your job request to Jelpster and it is pushed straight through to the mobile phones of suitable workers. You see instantly if someone has accepted or rejected your offer. As a technician, you have the freedom to work when it suits your schedule.

Resourcing and communicating with Jelpster is quick, easy and transparent – the whole order and delivery flow regarding a task or project is possible to conduct within Jelpster.


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