Barona recruits approximately 12,500 professionals annually for temporary and permanent positions in different industries. It goes without saying, that the information used in the recruitment process must be made manageable and finding the right employee, easy. Just having first-class recruitment expertise is not enough.

Barona wants to find solutions that benefit those facing the challenge. This is why Barona has involved recruiters in creating the modern recruitment platform, Jelpp. Jelpp helps the recruiter focus solely on interviewing and selecting the best candidates.

Jelpp combines modern technology with a finely-honed recruitment process. Artificial intelligence and video interviews make the recruiter´s life easier and help them find the best candidate each time.

The AI Jelpp uses has been beta tested for two years. Artificial intelligence not only helps the recruiter, it also helps applicants find positions that are right for them.

Jelpp is also useful for communication, as it adapts to the existing stage of the recruitment process.

Communicating with candidates often falls by the wayside in the recruitment process. Research shows that only 14 percent of job applicants are satisfied with communication during the process. Jelpp reminds the recruiter to communicate with the candidates, thus ensuring a good job applicant experience.

Jelpp helps all recruiters rise to the occasion.


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