CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

Lehtipiste serves as the distributor of individual issues of Finnish and foreign magazines, books, collectibles and maps serving approximately 6,500 convenience and specialty stores.

In Finland and internationally Lehtipiste partners with approximately 440 publishers and suppliers. Lehtipiste´s wide selection ensures stores products that match each location´s customer profile. Efficient logistics and cooperation with store chains make an up-to-date, current and varied selection possible for consumers everywhere in Finland.

Lehtipiste has outsourced the operation of their magazine delivery center to Barona, which is in charge of resourcing the personnel.


“Cooperation with Barona began when we made the investment into the delivery center. We wanted a personnel service partner who could help us best handle the challenges of the investment and realize the benefits,” explains Lehtipiste´s Production and Logistics Director Timo Värri.

The tender was between two staffing companies. The companies competed in their ability to improve and cooperate in a tender process where they operated three production lines and the lines´ development was compared.  According to Värri, Lehtipiste chose the partner they felt showed the most development.

“We wanted our choice of partner to secure the success of our investment. We saw that with Barona developing was easier. In taking the system into use we achieved our quality targets within the first month. Efficiency has also developed further than we expected,” Värri continues.

Barona has demonstrated it can serve companies requiring great flexibility in personnel numbers efficiently and with quality. It is also essential that the On Site Manager succeeds in their role and that communication is straightforward.

“Efficiency, flexibility and operational quality were the reasons we selected Barona as our partner,” Värri states.


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