A Lidl Action recruitment campaign

The third and the newest logistics center of Lidl Finland (Lidl Suomi Ky) is located in Järvenpää. Concerning this new logistics center, Lidl Finland and Barona Logistics created a recruitment campaign together, which is known as A Lidl Action.

Here HR Director of Lidl Finland, Maria Hekkala, tells their experience of this cooperation (video in Finnish): 

”In 2018, when we were opening our new logistics center in Järvenpää, our objective was to recruit over 200 new employees. We needed an excellent recruitment campaign to achieve this goal. Thus, we did the campaign together with Barona Logistics and it was called as “A Lidl Action”.

We created campaign videos, in which included in our own employees. We also created a campaign site and different social media campaigns (focusing especially on Facebook and Instagram).

The consultants of Barona Logistics planned both the concept of recruitment market and the recruitment process. They reached, contacted and interviewed many job applicants. They provided a real employee experience that is very important for us since our partners represent us. It also saved us time and resources.

Everything in this recruitment project went well without forgetting the quality. We are very satisfied with the result. They gave us a promise of success. Moreover, they told us how they have succeeded. What it takes from us and from them. We received a good plan and they implemented it well.

Currently we have more than 250 new logistics employees – and we have achieved our common goals. We both engaged in this project and we did a lot of work. That is why we succeeded. Overall, I am very satisfied with the help of Barona Logistics. I believe that our logistics supervisors can agree with this as well.”

Lidl Suomi Ky

Lidl is a German family business and it is one of the biggest grocery chains in Europe. Lidl operates over 10,500 stores in 29 countries. In Finland there are over 170 stores located from Hanko to Sodankylä. Everyday logistics centers in Janakkala, Laukaa and Järvenpää supply fresh products in time to all Lidl stores in Finland.

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