Barona is an excellent partner that can respond and react to our needs quickly. Job interviews have been arranged as swiftly as within a week.

-Olli Tietäväinen, Makulaku

Liquorice products company Makulaku is partnering with Barona to solve the challenges related to their seasonal employment needs for the fifth year in a row.


Liquorice production is seasonal work where the greatest demand for employees is in the spring and summer. The number of employees may vary greatly and it is challenging to estimate how many full- and part-time workers are needed.

Makulaku is a desirable employer that receives many applications, for example, through online channels. Therefore, the challenge was that handling this large amount of applicants was very time-consuming.

Makulaku wanted a recruiting partner but had concerns about whether this improvement in efficiency would lead to a loss in quality. The company values skilled and committed employees.


As Makulaku´s partner, Barona handles the screening of applicants as well as the hiring, together with Makulaku. Olli Tietäväinen is pleased that Barona has been able to provide employees who differ in age and experience.

“After the beginning, we learned how to voice more precise wishes about employees and these were addressed,” says Tietäväinen.

Barona is also responsible for the employment relationship. When personnel needs fluctuate, staffing is an easy and quick solution.

According to Tietäväinen, one person is now becoming a permanent Makulaku employee after working at the company for a year through Barona.

At the beginning of the partnership, Barona familiarized themselves with Makulaku´s factory in Porvoo in order to guarantee quality recruitments. The two companies reviewed processes, tasks and practices together. Getting to know the working environment has helped Barona to accurately prepare the employees for their future tasks and working conditions. Personnel needs are fulfilled swiftly and with high-quality employees.

 Makulaku has been particularly pleased with Barona´s speed.

“Barona is an excellent partner that can respond and react to our needs quickly. Job interviews have been arranged as swiftly as within a week,” states Tietäväinen.

Cooperation is now in its fifth year. Tietäväinen praises the fact that come spring, Barona always reaches out to him. “I like that they are proactive. Everything has been working well,” says Tietäväinen.

Makulaku has been making and developing liquorice products since 1994. In addition to traditional black liquorice, the company offers a range of fascinating and colorful flavor combinations.

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