Barona helps specialty paint manufacturer Vantaco find employees that do more than clock in.

Finnish roofing and facade surfaces treatment manufacturer Vantaco and Barona have cooperated for approximately five years now. Before the partnership, Vantaco faced challenges in finding new employees.

Production Manager Robert Huhtaniemi states that the company simply did not have time for recruiting. “The previous year I had done it on my own and we really needed to speed things up.”

The cooperation sped up recruiting as Barona handled most of the recruitment process. Although hiring decisions were made together, the employees entered into contract with Barona.

Vantaco´s operations include for example the manufacturing of specialty paints and other demanding chemicals. Over 40 seasonal employees from Barona have worked at Vantaco in production and maintenance positions, generally from the beginning of the year until August.

Currently 9 employees are working at Vantaco and the company is looking to employ 3 more. The latest placement was for a laboratory assistant.  When worldwide paint and surface manufacturer Valspar acquired Vantaco in 2015, a third work shift was added and Barona staffed it.

Vantaco makes roofing and facade surface treatments. Employees have to be precise, take initiative and be able to see the big picture as specialty paints are not made on an assembly line. One must understand the processes and formulas of paint manufacturing.

Production Manager Robert Huhmarniemi has been pleased with the employees Barona has found for Vantaco and praises the cooperation for improving continously.

“It easy, smooth and quick. When I require production employees Barona´s recruitment consultant knows what kind of people I am looking for and sends them over for a chat.  I don´t have to look at more than few persons, and I end up hiring all or nearly all of them.”

Huhmarniemi explains that Vantaco looks for employees with common sense who are reliable and calm. Age makes no difference.

“We prefer to hire employees who are similar in personality to our existing staff. This makes everyone´s lives easier and decreases possible conflicts. We have zero tolerance for workplace bullying. This is also why we are looking for professional, good people.”

One advantage of the staffing cooperation is its flexibility. A few years ago Vantaco was in an uncertain situation. “We didn´t really know how the order backlog would develop. Barona helped us find the flexibility to best manage the changing needs”, says Huhmarniemi.

“Barona´s recruits received the same employee benefits as our employees. We treat all our staff as equals.”

Huhmarniemi gets the most joy out of those situations where he is able to offer one of Barona´s staff the opportunity of becoming a permanent Vantaco employee. “Barona has provided us with good, sharp guys. It feels great to be able to offer them jobs and have an impact on many peoples´ lives.”

Production Manager Robert Huhmarniemi was surprised be the ease of cooperation. He had presumed cooperation would be much more laborous.

“Barona handles nearly everything. All I have to do is send out an order form and the process keeps moving.  “

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