Witron is facing a great positive challenge: over five years the company is recruiting over 100 persons as products and systems experts in Finland in cooperation with Barona.


In 2014 German family business Witron logistik + informatik GmbH started a sizeable project: it began construction on one of the world´s largest fully automated logistics centres in cooperation with Inex Partners. Inex Partners is the logistics service provider for the leading Finnish trading enterprise S Group. No project of such a scale has been completed in the history of Witron. As a part of the project Witron will recruit more than 100 persons in Finland by 2019 to handle the start up and taking the system into use as well as its maintenance and development going forward.

Witron has also supplied Inex Partners´ General Merchandise logistics center which was completed in 2011, but the systems being built now consist mostly of technology that is not in use in existing systems in Finland. The challenge in the ongoing recruiting therefore is that there are not many people who already possess the necessary know-how.  Instead there is a need for people who can learn and internalize new technology quickly.


In 2014 Witron decided to find a recruiting partner to secure better results. Barona was selected out of many possible candidates.

“Barona´s recruitment consultants all have either education or work experience in the technical field. We immediately got down to the details and were on the same wavelength,” states Juha Ryödi. He is in charge of Witron´s On Site Service – business in Finland.

The recruitment for Witron has been comprehensive. Different methods have been used to search for new employees all across Finland. So far Barona has recruited as many as 40 experts for Witron.  Some of them have even relocated from Lapland to Southern Finland in order to work for the company. Seven of the experts trained at Witron´s offices in Germany for a year before returning to Finland to work for the company. The other recruits have been trained for their positions in Finland and at the company´s other facilities in Europe and North America.


During the recruitment process Barona presents Witron with candidates who have different backgrounds. “When building a new organization there can be many different recruitment criteria,” explains Juha Ryödi. The company is looking for employees who complement each other. A good team is built piece by piece.

Ryödi describes the cooperation as dynamic. “The best part of the cooperation has been constant development, made possible by Barona´s service which adapts to the client´s needs.” Despite this the key people have remained the same. Barona has been the right partner for Witron precisely because of their adaptability. Development suggestions have also been implemented. “For example the changes we requested in the recruitment tool have either already been made or are being done.”

In making recruitment decisions Juha Ryödi has received support and new perspectives from Barona´s experienced recruitment experts. Cooperation and partnership have been supported by a shared goal. “Barona is interested not just in long-term cooperation but also in the client´s business. This genuine interest is necessary to find the right persons for the right jobs.”

Witron logistik + informatik GmbH is a German family business founded in 1971 that delivers fully automated logistics solutions.

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