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Financial Specialist| Barona

Ramesh Kumar Avadhanula

"If you have skills Barona gives support."

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Head of Global Mobility| Outotec

Esa Johnsson

"A good relocation service is a competitive advantage for an employer that recruits internationally."

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Head of Production| Aidon

Petri Ounila

Barona’s desire to get things done has been commendable. We have managed to find a solution to all problems, and our discussion has been open

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CEO| LTP Logistics Oy

Matti Tuominen

"It is not worthwhile for us to do ourselves that which Barona is an expert in. Barona can handle the personnel pool and recruitment. They have people to call. This also provides credibility for us, having such a large and capable partner."

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Wholesale Manager | Heinon Tukku

Juha Talla

"Co-operation and communication with Barona have worked very well. Both parties work for the other´s success. Trust on both sides is very important."

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Kari Heikkilä, Barona Logistics

Innovations - smooth crate logistics

"Previously, no one in the chain knew when a shipment would arrive or what quantities it would contain. Now we can always predict our resource needs. We can therefore do quality work that is highly cost-effective."

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Olli Tietäväinen

"Barona is an excellent partner that can respond and react to our needs quickly. Job interviews have been arranged as swiftly as within a week."

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HR Director| Lidl Suomi Ky

Maria Hekkala

"Everything in this recruitment project went without forgetting the quality. We are very satisfied with the result."

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