Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

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Permanent, Full-time
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We are now looking for a Full Stack Developer for two of Bravedo Group’s Finnish companies: Polar Squad and Orangit.

  • Polar Squad is a DevOps house, where their consultants work with various clients, helping them on their DevOps journey
  • Orangit offers their clients versatile software maintenance services

As a Full Stack Developer, you'd be working on both Polar Squad’s DevOps -projects as well as Orangit’s software development/maintenance projects. This opportunity offers being involved in a very wide variety of software-related projects with different clients. We will support you in your personal growth in both of these fields by teaching and coaching you in your work.

You don’t have to be both a very seasoned DevOps professional and a master developer, as more than anything, we value your attitude towards technological problem solving and autonomous way of working. Ideally, you would have some experience with e.g. DevOps, cloud (AWS or Azure), containers, GitLab, and some of the following languages: Scala, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Rust, React, TypeScript, C#, PHP. But any mix of these is more than enough.

The headquarters of this role is in Barona IT’s Katowice office, however, the work can be done fully remotely. The role has flexible working hours and requires being on call duty outside daily hours. In practice, this means acute problem solving and/or bug fixing.

For more information regarding the position, please contact Barona IT’s Kristel Westermarck (firstname.lastname@barona.fi).


For more information, contact
Kristel Westermarck
Kristel Westermarck