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Specialized expertise in creative recruitment

People are behind the success of the organization. The right skills of a new employee are not enough, as the person has to agree with the new team as well as the company’s value world. The motivation factors of the person, the desire to learn new things and the ability to adapt to changing needs have become more important. Organizations are different, and their needs and every recruitment set their own challenges.

“Creative helped us recruit an experienced event and marketing manager. We were very pleased with the smooth running and professional collaboration of the entire recruitment process. “

Marja Honkakorpi, Managing Director, KL-Kustannus


Expert in recruiting creative

The key to successful recruitment is an efficient and flexible recruitment process. In addition, experience and vision are required from the recruiting person. Barona Luova is focused on marketing, communications, media and design recruitment and resource allocation. We meet many creative professionals every day and seek solutions to the challenges of a changing labor market. Behind our success are our recruitment and customer interface experts with creative education and / or work experience. We follow the trends, the change of working life and know where and how the experts can be found and what is expected of them now and in the future.

“The creative process took care of the recruitment process from beginning to end in the search of our sales and marketing manager. We would not have managed the process as efficiently and expertly. We did not need to interview those candidates who had already been carefully selected and interviewed by Creative. This allowed us to focus our time on our actual business. ”

Päivi Isosaari, Production Director, Finnish National Theater

Different service solutions for recruitment

Flexibility and customer understanding are our mainstays. We design a recruitment process that includes everything you need such as search, candidate marketing, screening, evaluations, interviews, and reference reviews.

The applicant Stock

We maintain a nationwide application base with thousands of job-seekers and passive job seekers. Our networks grow daily either through open search processes or through open applications from our industry experts. This network can provide the right expert for your business.

Job Announcements and Applicant Marketing

Our job advertising network covers a number of job sites with which we work closely. We will maximize your online visibility and social media channels.

In addition to traditional job advertisements, we are active in marketing marketing, whose importance and effectiveness have already been recognized by many companies. Applicant marketing is no longer utilized only when it comes to challenging tasks or if there are only a handful of real experts. Applicant marketing has become part of the employer ‘s image marketing to attract the best factors to the company. Applicant marketing includes, for example, expanded advertising in various media, different career lines than corporate videos.

Suitability Ratings

It is often necessary to test a person’s skills and qualifications, especially when considering, for example, two potential candidates. Not only does the employer get a deeper picture of the person’s abilities, but the suitability assessments also provide tools for the supervisor. Evaluations provide more in-depth information on a person’s work style, motivation factors and value world.


We conduct several weekly interviews and we are good at it. Our experts will be able to find out all the information needed for a recruitment decision. The job description may also require that we pass through a person’s potential portfolio work samples.


As a standard part of the recruitment process, we also review jobseekers’ references and referrers.



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