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We help job seekers find new jobs quickly and efficiently. We offer effective employment services to municipalities, TE Services and other organisations interested in promoting employment.Since 2015, we have provided results-assessed employment solutions directed at various demographics. We have been able to help both business sector-specific, newly unemployed applicants as well as target applicant groups with wide-ranging skill sets and varying periods of unemployment.



One phone call later, and the next day we had a great partnership. Saranen’s expertise and convenience are their top assets.

Harri Laaksonen
CEO, Europak Oy
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Benefits of Saranen’s Employment Services

92% of our job applicant clients would recommend our service

Our services are always based on target group-oriented service design and agile methods.
Services are always tailored to the needs of each target group, so that they can be optimally supported in reaching the desired outcome.

We have already helped over 1,500 job seekers through our service

We actively continue to develop our services during implementation to ensure the best possible employment results.



Over 60% or our clients find employment during the active period of our training service

Our excellent results are based on our strong labour market expertise. We work in close collaboration with both Barona recruiters and other employers, taking into account each target groups specific needs.



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We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units