CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

Service Headhunting

Challenging recruitment

Headhunting is the perfect service for you when you are looking for an efficient recruitment service and the profile you need is exceptionally competitive, challenging or the number of specialists is limited. Headhunting refers to the process of identifying the employees with the competence that corresponds to our customer’s open position, contacting the carefully chosen individuals and mapping their interest towards the open position.

Headhunting is always implemented in a high-quality and thorough manner, respecting our customer’s brand and the candidate experience.

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Benefits of Barona’s headhunting service

Examples of headhunting services

After the discussion and initial mapping with the customer, we start the headhunting process. Due to the good labour market situation, we will contact a relatively large number of people to find one suitable. As a result of the headhunting, we will present the customer with the persons who are genuinely interested in the position and who have the best skillset for the task. After the presentation, the customer can meet and interview the people it wants to meet, just like in all our other services. Headhunting can be done traditionally as a “quiet search” and as a hybrid search. In hybrid search, we carry out the normal recruitment process alongside headhunting, and we can direct the headhunted people to read more about the company and job from the job ad or from a possibly created separate recruitment site.

Varmista paikkasi tuleviin Peer Talk -tapahtumiin

We organise several Peer Talk events annually. Their objective is to gather together professionals to discuss themes related to the change in working life and knowledge work. At the events, you can hear interesting speeches, network and discuss current topics with other industry professionals. Do you want to receive invites to future Peer Talk events? Sign up for the invites here!

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units