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In-house Consultation provides organisations with targeted know-how for continuous, full-time operations, with the support a larger organisation needs in recruiting key members of staff, or in establishing HR procedures for a startup company.

We think that recruitment cannot be outsourced, but instead, recruitment collaboration should always be based on a partnership where partners work together to reach their goals.

Ilkka Lagerström
Director, Head of Business lines & Talent Acquisition
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Ilkka Lagerström
Director, Head of Business lines & Talent Acquisition
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Benefits of Barona’s In-house Consultation

Large network of experts

While Barona has its own, large network of business sector-specific experts specialising in recruitment and employer perception, in-house consultants are sometimes sourced externally according to client needs. In this way, we are always able to tailor an expert service best suited to a client organisation’s current needs. We always offer our consultants a supportive and competitive network, helping them serve our clients even better.

Targeted expertise

At times, recruitment and HR operations may require more time or expertise than an organisation’s resources allow for. Companies such as startups may have a strong need for growth, or they may need outsider viewpoints in their recruitment processes or in building their image as employers. We have assisted our clients in various operations related to recruitment, HR and employer perception for years with our flexible In-house Consultation model.

Right when you need us

Hiring a recruiter does not always make sense, as recruitment needs often vary and the organisational need for additional staff may only be momentary or project-specific (e.g. recruitment of trainees) to support an existing team. In such situations, Barona’s In-house Consultation is an efficient way of supporting an existing team or scaling it up as required.

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units