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Service Interview Coaching

Improve your organization's interview skills

Cresco’s interview coaching helps recruiting managers and HR develop their interview skills by creating practical tools such as interview techniques and frameworks as well as competence-based questions that support a good recruitment process. High-quality recruitments and a positive employee image are strengthened through the different phases of an interview, functioning questions and by recognising the limits set by the legislation.

You get what you measure with your questions” – Interviews have been proven to be a functioning recruiting tool, but only when used correctly. The essential thing is to focus your attention on relevant task-related matters and to formulate your questions in a smart way — do not ask irrelevant or unlawful questions.

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Lead Consultant, Cresco Psychologist Agency Ltd
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Benefits of Cresco’s interview coaching

Examples of interview coaching

Coaching is tailored on a case-by-case basis to correspond to an organisation’s needs and participants’ skill level. The coaching can be implemented, for example, as a targeted half-day coaching or divided over several days, which gives more time for interview exercises. Participants receive a preliminary exercise that orientates them for the coaching. The coaches are experienced psychologist consultants from Cresco.

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units