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Service Logistics Advisory Services

Innovative internal logistics development

Barona Logistics Advisory Services offer comprehensive and practical consulting in intralogistics as well as various kinds of trainings. Our expertise is based on our unparalleled experience and our innovative ability to create new operational models.

If there is no logistics strategy based on a company strategy, long-term development is on a shaky ground. Logistics strategy creates the shared direction that is the basis of all development."

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The benefits of advisory services

Is efficient development prevented by a constant hurry?

Very often the logistics managers work alone, and their time is occupied by getting through everyday production. However, at some point it is vital to stop and plan future development. Perhaps the entire structure of logistics needs to be renewed, or some specific area needs closer scrutiny. Barona Logistics has over 20 experts with experience in the logistics of various companies in all industries. We combine practical experience with innovative new solutions. It is important for us that the solution is of a real and genuine use to the customer.