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We offer a variety of outsourcing services with different charging models on a customer-oriented basis. We have solid experience from outsourcing, specifically from in-house logistics and office and customer service work. The crucial thing in outsourcing is to create a genuine partnership with the customer. Measuring and developing can just as well lead to a more functional warehouse as to an improved customer experience.

What is typical with the most successful outsourcing customers is that we have a strong collaboration with the customer. True development is created only by collaborating and partnering.

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Benefits of Barona’s outsourcing services


We have solid expertise of your business sector and versatile experience of different types of outsourcing customers. The starting point for each outsourcing is to survey the current operations and to make development plans. Genuine outsourcing benefits can be created with mutual determined development.

Cost control

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is how costs become transparent, clear and foreseeable. Even large seasonal peaks can be controlled without increased unit costs by outsourcing.

Strong, customer-oriented partnership

Trust and innovativeness are part of our outsourcing business operations. Through strong and long-term customer relationships, we are able to promise a model of continuous development even for new customers. We have created various development forums and incorporated them as part of our everyday management.


Examples of our outsourcing services

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Harri Alamäki, Vice President, +358 40 552 9271
Tommi Lehtiniemi, Sales Director, +358 40 748 3141
Kari Heikkilä, Vice President, Logistics, +358 40 550 0109
Olli Nieminen, Service Director, Outsourcing services, +358 50 373 3807
Kim Hipari, Recruitment Manager, Personnel resourcing, pool models and recruitment, +358 43 824 4190
Toni Mäkelä, Managing director, Avain Logistics, 3PL warehousing, +358 400 454 368
Henri Pynnönen, Sales Director, IT, +358 40 541 9909

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units