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We offer a variety of outsourcing services with different charging models on a customer-oriented basis. We have solid experience from outsourcing, specifically from in-house logistics and office and customer service work. The crucial thing in outsourcing is to create a genuine partnership with the customer. Measuring and developing can just as well lead to a more functional warehouse as to an improved customer experience.

What is typical with the most successful outsourcing customers is that we have a strong collaboration with the customer. True development is created only by collaborating and partnering.

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Barona Logistics
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Customer service solutions
Harri Alamäki, Vice President, +358 40 552 9271
Tommi Lehtiniemi, Sales Director, +358 40 748 3141
Kari Heikkilä, Vice President, Logistics, +358 40 550 0109
Olli Nieminen, Service Director, Outsourcing services, +358 50 373 3807
Kim Hipari, Recruitment Manager, Personnel resourcing, pool models and recruitment, +358 43 824 4190
Toni Mäkelä, Managing director, Avain Logistics, 3PL warehousing, +358 400 454 368
Henri Pynnönen, Sales Director, IT, +358 40 541 9909

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units