CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

Service Potential Mapping

Focus on identifying potential

Identifying the existing know-how within an organisation is an important competitive factor, especially when there is a shortage of talent in the business sector in question. Potential Mapping produces information on a person’s development potential for the organisation, giving the person tools to develop and lead themselves. Potential Mapping uses many of the same methods as suitability assessments, but instead of suitability, the focus is on identifying potential: how much room for growth is there, and in what kind of a task or environment could it be optimised?

It makes sense to take interest in the skills and potential an individual has. Organisational change and other changes in the operational environment provide a great opportunity for applying Potential Mapping and systematically assessing the level of skill, ability, motivation and potential for growth new challenges are faced with and organisational objectives reached.

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Benefits of Cresco’s Potential Mapping

Examples of Potential Mapping

When identifying the will and ability to develop, i.e. potential, the assessment of the willingness and ability to learn and interaction and influencing skills is highlighted. The ability to learn from feedback and to reflect on one’s own actions is also a good indication of development potential.

Changing situations

Helps personnel develop themselves with respect to the focal points of the organisation’s future plans.

Advancing on one’s career

Provides additional information for career planning.

Support in performing work tasks

In certain situations, potential assessment can be used to support a person whose performance at work falls short of the set objectives. Potential assessment highlights individual strengths and can be used to identify the areas where a person is the most competent.

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units