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Matching the right person with the right job

We offer recruitment services nationally and specialised for each business sector. Our strong expertise and innovative know-how in recruitment marketing guarantees a seamless recruitment process and strengthens your employer image at the same time.

We think that recruitment cannot be outsourced, but instead, recruitment collaboration should always be based on a partnership where both parties work together to reach their goals.

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Talent Aquisition Leader, Barona
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Benefits of Barona’s recruitment service

Our recruitment service for your individual or continuous needs

We offer a service model where you can trust any part of the recruitment process to a professional team specialised in that exact part of the process. Our recruitment team takes care of managing the phase in question or the entire process professionally under your company’s name. Whether you need to implement a demanding executive search process or recruit the entire personnel of a new production plant, we will always offer a solution that best suits your situation and needs.

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units