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A smooth start for working abroad

We offer relocation services for companies that recruit internationally or have active employee mobility. We ensure your employee gets a smooth start by offering as much, or as little, support as is needed for each relocation.

We are developing a new-generation relocation service by utilizing technology and new ways of serving our customer. We grow in close cooperation with our clients and at the same time following the global employment and digitalization trends.

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Benefits of Barona’s Relocation Services

So that your employee can begin work seamlessly, we assist with working permits, residence permits, taxation requirements and other paperwork, as well as renting an apartment or the necessary school & kindergarten arrangements. To help your employee acclimatize to the new country and culture, we will educate them about the local customs and direct them to the right services.

A more efficient organisation and employee

A relocation process that is well taken care of ensures the efficiency of both the organisation and the new employee. Everyone can focus on the essential matters. A new or relocated employee can start working as soon as possible and adjust to their new life.

Methods and tools

We have ten years of experience in relocation. Seamless processes and excellent customer service are at the core of our service. The newest advancements in technological solutions enable us to grow and develop the seamless service even further.

Employee satisfaction and employer image

A smooth start promotes the employee’s happiness and well-being. When the family feels happy and taken care of in the new country, the employee can focus on the new job. A successful relocation decreases the risk of preliminary resignation and furthermore, strengthens the employer branding.

Examples of relocation services

Relocation service description

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units