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If there is will, there is work

We help our customers adjust their resources to correspond to the changing needs. We fill our customers’ work shifts during seasonal times and in surprising and changing needs. We are constantly developing our operational methods so that they help us offer the best possible service to our customers. Our customers can focus on their core business while we take care of scalable resources.

Our task is to bring flexibility to the working life: we supply companies with employees, and employees receive the desired amount of various jobs.

Ilkka Mikkola
Service Director, Barona
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Benefits of Barona’s seasonal and ad hoc services

We promise our customers quick, clear and high-quality service. We can react to customer needs quickly; at best, employees start working on the day of the order. Respectively, we prepare and plan large resourcing projects carefully together with our customers before implementation.

Surprising and changing needs

We can resource surprising and changing needs quickly, as we do not need to look for workers separately since we already have a fully equipped employee pool.

Smaller turn-over of seasonal workers

Seasonal workers often disappear elsewhere between seasons, but we can offer our employees different kinds of employment opportunities between the seasons. This leads to a smaller turn-over of seasonal employees and less resources spent on training the employees.

Competence in various fields

Our employee pools contain competence from various sectors, from tyre technicians to food industry workers and removers.

Systems for employee administration

We use modern systems for employee administration. Barona is the industry’s largest actor and our direction is always forward. We also lead the way for others.

Many possibilities to work

Generally, the work we offer does not require a degree, but our employees have know-how and a great service attitude. Our employee pools contain competence from various sectors, from tyre technicians to food industry workers and removers. We serve our customers in continuous and project-based needs. Our most important seasonal times are festive seasons, turns of the month, tyre-changing seasons, festival seasons and summer job seasons.

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