CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

Service Temporary Staffing

We operate both nationally and internationally

Get flexibility for your changing personnel needs or let us fully manage your recruitment processes and employment administration with our temporary staffing service. We help you find the right employee for the exact needs of your organisation, business operations and sector in a fast and reliable manner. We constantly invest in developing our operations and want our employees to enjoy working with us and our customer companies. We are the largest authorised HR company in Finland and we operate both nationally and internationally.

Our experts specialise in your business sector, and they understand your everyday work and know the regional labour market—an IT consultant in Helsinki will not be looking for a production worker to Tampere, but instead, focuses on their own expertise and vice versa. We can tell you what others have done in similar situations. We will also explain what is possible and what is not.

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Benefits of Barona’s Temporary Staffing

We offer competent employees to help you with seasonal peaks and surprising and changing resource needs. We provide you with professionals for specialist tasks within HR and financial administration, IT support, customer service, marketing and sales, among others. You can also utilise our so-called try&hire model for long-term needs and to facilitate your HR’s recruiting. This means the employee starts out as a contract employee and, as the need stabilises, transfers to your employment.

Temporary staffing facilitates resourcing and recruiting

“Successful recruitments are guaranteed by our strong expertise in the business sector, up-to-date knowledge of the labour market and a deep understanding of the company’s (customer) work culture, the dynamics of the work community as well as the general operational methods. The most suitable person for the task is not necessarily the one with the most competence, but possibly the one whose values best match the company’s values and whose working methods suit the existing working culture. This is why it is always important for us to understand our customers and their operations on a deeper level. We see customer relationships as genuine partnerships that help our customers develop and grow with the right kind of employees.” Kim Hipari, Service Director, Barona Logistics

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We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units