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Identify your team roles

Cresco’s team coaching promotes the functioning of your team by identifying team roles. Cresco’s team role questionnaire produces a clear report on inherent team styles. By recognising each team member’s strengths, they can be utilised more efficiently to strengthen the team’s inner dynamics and manage it. Team coaching can be built in a flexible manner to correspond to your organisation’s needs.

The basis of smooth collaboration is on one hand an understanding of your own personal working style, on the other hand, how collaboration thrives when you match your personal style with those of others. Cresco’s team coaching gives excellent means for this."

Johanna Turtola-Poole
Lead Constultant, Cresco Psychologist Agency Ltd
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Benefits of Cresco’s team coaching

Strengthens collaboration within the team

Strengthens collaboration within the team; gives tools to examine what kind of a team we are. A purposeful utilisation of the different team roles strengthens efficient and functioning teamwork and promotes tolerance.

Supervised team discussion

A guided forum for open discussion; focus on the importance of functioning team collaboration especially in change situations and different developmental projects, “know-how alone is not enough”. Our coaches are experienced corporate psychologists who encourage discussions.

Growing self-knowledge and team-knowledge

Growing self-knowledge and team-knowledge; an easy-to-implement electronic questionnaire on team roles that produces a clear and personal report. Possibility to produce team-level information.

Examples of team coaching

The service can also be implemented as a longer coaching programme that is repeated annually.

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units