CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

CORONA VIRUS: Read the impacts of COVID-19 on our operations and guidelines for job seekers

Service Training Programme for Recruitment

New way for finding the talents

In this training programme, employers will find the talent they need with the right attitude and up-to-date know-how. Businesses throughout Finland have already recruited around 3,000 new employees through Saranen’s training programmes. Our training programme for recruitment is a great pathway for finding new employees and for enabling corporate growth through successful recruitment.

It is difficult for us to find competent employees due to the demanding nature of what we do, and if we do find them, the costs of the recruitment process are extremely high. An algorithm calculates the threshold for an organisation in recruiting a newly graduated applicant. We are particularly pleased with the recruits we have found through the programme as well as with the fascinating topics covered during it.

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Benefits of Saranen's Training Programmes

Training Programme description

Our training programmes for recruitment are implemented in close collaboration with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and employment administration. As the concept is subsidised by employment administration, the cost of the training programme is reasonable for employers.

During the training programme, the person of your choice will work full-time in your company while receiving cutting-edge training from Finland’s top coaches. Typically, after the 5–6 month training period, a recruitment decision will be easy to make as the trainee has been inducted to their work tasks and they have become a core part of your business operations. Through the training programme, companies can either recruit individuals with specific skill sets or larger groups of employees with training content tailored to the employer’s needs. Saranen pre-assesses all applicants, and together with employers, we can find the talent best suited to each company’s needs.

Starting from 2019, we will help employers grow and recruit new talent in Sweden as well as in Finland.

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units