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Barona’s training services offer different kinds of training solutions for companies’ changing situations and for acquiring the workforce of the future. We specialise in implementing large-scale recruitment trainings for example in the industrial sector for positions that are hard to fill with skilled employees from the existing labour market.

Training is our support function in building an innovative and versatile work community of the future. We can increase the efficiency of production and work with agile and professional training.

Ari Lähteenmäki
Director, Barona Training Services
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Benefits of Barona’s Training Services

Market leader

We are Finland’s largest providers of temporary employees, with nearly 30,000 temporary workers. We work for the customer’s benefit with different stakeholder groups. We are managing and implementing successfully both wide and complex training projects.

Recruitment expertise and marketing

For applicant assessment we provide our consultants’ wide expertise and the latest technology and AI such as digital recruitment tools, video interviews and candidate presentations. We also provide strong recruitment marketing for example recruiting videos, blogs, media releases and targeted marketing in social media.

Training network and versatile opportunities

With our national training network we provide professionally selected training solutions from our wide selection. We identify the expertise challenges in businesses and tailor our training services to respond to these future needs.

We offer also industry-specific services using our specialized units