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We should aim for equality in employment, meaning that we should look purely at the skills and potential of a person, despite any of their possible limitations, and to give them an opportunity to show what they can do in practice.

Jaakko Alamäki
Branch Director, Barona
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Benefits of Barona’s work ability services

Ways to improve work ability

Changing operational environments and work culture may create issues with the ability to work either at the corporate or the team level. When the risks at the corporate level are recognized, we can offer companies comprehensive pension risk consultation and survey services as well as training for HR management and supervisors. If necessary, we can take full responsibility for risk management and follow-through.

We offer our assistance in situations where finding a new job or profession becomes relevant. This may be influenced by various factors other than medical issues, and we can also support you in situations where the options offered by healthcare services are not sufficient. Our objective is to identify the factors that influence work ability, motivation and performance that supervisors may find it challenging to bring up with employees. We will also perform a survey of what the person in question could do in the future in addition to their current tasks.

Barona Professi provides professional rehabilitation services for pension and accident insurance companies. Professional rehabilitation supports employees facing the risk of reduced work ability and helps them remain in employment.