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My expectation for the service was ‘an all-inclusive package for the masses’. As a participant, I soon realised that they truly care about the individual – WOW!”

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Benefits of Saranen’s Change Services

We will remain by your side from the planning phase all the way through to implementation and follow-up. We will also support your potential for growth in situations where you need to reduce the number of your staff. We help individuals find their personal strengths and core skills and improve themselves and their chances of employment with trainings, and by integrating applicants directly into organisations that are recruiting in various business sectors. We have implemented projects ranging from individual trainees to re-employment programmes targeted at hundreds of participants. Our core expertise lies with our seamless collaboration with corporate management and HR in programmes supporting change.

Positive impact on employment

Our career coaching model aimed at improving employability provides tools for successful job hunting and management of one’s career. We also create pathways for experts in different fields into new positions with our direct corporate contacts and collaboration.


We are constantly thinking of new was of changing and doing things even better. We often get excited about doing the same with our clients. We are a constant partner for our client companies with services that also predict change and reduce the need for letting go of staff.

Proactive approach

We are sensitive to the needs and wishes of all the parties involved, at each stage of every project.  We are not afraid to try out new service models and concepts. We gauge and monitor the results of our efforts, actively highlighting both our successes and the areas that require improvement.