Services for your needs

It’s our style that you are served by a specialized unit in your particular field. We believe that the most important success factor behind all companies is human. That’s why Barona supports you to be the best possible employer and to develop your business responsibly. See our wide range of services below.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment faces new challenges as technologies develop and consumer behaviours change. The applicant experience must adapt to the expectations of the most demanding social media natives.  Modern applicant marketing and enhancing employer perceptions become increasingly important in recruiting top talent.


Personnel Development

Skilful and motivated personnel are a business’s most important asset. We believe that developing your personnel is one of today’s key areas for developing business operations, regardless of whether it is about developing skill sets and know-how, wellbeing at work or work ability management.

Responsible Adaptation

Today’s work life is changing faster than ever, and operating in the middle of this change requires decisions and actions that personally relate to all your employees. A responsible approach to corporate change and termination of employment contracts ensures the operational ability of your business and creates a solid and sustainable foundation for solutions in support of the individual.


Development of Business Operations

The market creates a constant need for development for all businesses. The systematic development of business operations requires new viewpoints on process development, opportunities created by new technologies and changing customer needs.

Services for various business sectors

As everything doesn’t fit into one mold, we also offer industry-specific services.