Electrical switchboard assemblers, Kuopio, Finland
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Electrical switchboard assemblers, Kuopio, Finland

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We are searching for production workers for assembly of electrical switchboards in our customer facility in Kuopio area.

The job consists of assembling the electrical switchboards on the premises of a leading Finnish manufacturer of power distribution systems. This is a suitable position for a person interested in long-term development in a company, as an extensive training program is provided at the working place.

The biggest part of the job involves mounting, connecting, assembling, and securing wires, fuses, switches, breakers, and circuits and integrating into the switchboards used for electricity distribution in real estate. You will also align andj adjust other small electrical components, and connect more complex wiring. The work is performed according to precise instructions given at the work facility, so we hope you are a fast learner and implementer. The tasks are performed repeatedly through the manufacturing process.


  • At least 2 years of experience in the production/ assembly field

  • Previous experience in the electrical industry is a great advantage:

  • Electrical installations - connection of electrical wires, cables

  • Knowledge of the basic components for electrical distribution - miniature circuit breakers, residual current devices, contactors, thermal overload relays, rotary switches and fuses

  • Ability to read main electrical diagrams and control schematics

  • Knowledge of English language.

  • Finnish language skills are an advantage

  • Proactive and a can-do work attitude

The working schedule is Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 16.00.

We are offering a 1 year contract (with possibility of extension) and work in a clean and nice environment. You will have the chance to improve and develop your skills at the working place, so we hope you are open to learning new things and always striving for the best results. The salary is paid according to TES collective agreement. We can also support you with the relocation matters and accommodation arrangements. The single apartment cost per month is around 500 €/month (own room in a shared apartment).

The salary is increasing continuously and is based on the Technology Industry TES:

  • For a start, the salary is 11.15 €/h and grows already after first weeks of employment. After 3 months the average salary is 12, 42 €/h; after half of the year (training period) the average salary is 14 €/h

After persons learn to work independently on the switchboards, performance bonus system is included. Together with bonuses, the final salary can be up to 14-20 €/h.

The work starts as soon as the suitable candidates are identified, so don't hesitate to apply to this announcement today!


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