New job in Vantaa!

New job in Vantaa!

Hey you, living in Vantaa! What would you like to do next?

Tell us about it! Come to our info session and join our new service that will help you find employment faster.
Together we can help you find your dream job!

Upcoming info sessions:

Thursday 17.2.2022
at 9.30 am and 13.00 pm

Friday 18.2.2022
at 9.30 am and 13.00 pm

Thursday 24.2.2021
at 9.30 am and 13.00 pm

Vantaa and Kerava Employment Services | Vernissakatu 1, 4th floor

What is the Employment Support Service?
What is the Employment Support Service?▪ In the new job guidance service, you will receive practical help and support for your job search and become employed faster. ▪ The service is tailored to meet your specific wishes and needs. The service is offered to individuals and groups. ▪ As part of the service, you can receive, e.g., career coaching, job search coaching and language training according to your situation and needs. ▪ You may also be offered job interviews depending on your target profession. ▪ You can join the service at the information session. You will receive an invitation to the event by email from the Vantaa and Kervava employment services. We will send out the letters during spring 2022.
Why should you sign up?
Why should you sign up?▪ As part of this service, we offer you customized guidance and coaching for your job search. In addition, you will get your own career counselor, who is easily contactable. ▪ Your coach will be familiar with you and your situation. You will receive expert help and support on your journey to find the job of your dreams. ▪ We offer job interview invitations to our service participants if there are suitable jobs opening in their field of interest. ▪ In the service, you have a unique opportunity to acquire skills in demand in the job market now and in the future. ▪ You will receive a higher level of unemployment benefit for the duration of your participation in our service if it is included as part of your employment plan.
How can I participate?
How can I participate?This service is aimed at unemployed jobseekers under the age of 30 or who have completed the integration plan phase in Vantaa. You will join the service at an information conference organized by Vantaa and Kerava employment services and Barona. The timing of your information session will be announced in the email you will receive during fall 2021 and spring 2022. Participation in the service info session is mandatory for those invited.
See you at the info session!
See you at the info session!You will receive an invitation to the info session by email. We will send the email to the address you have provided to the TE-Office. You are warmly welcome to the info session even if you did not get the invitation letter yet! The next information sessions will be held on 17.-18.2. and 24.2.2022. Those invited to the information sessions will be sent a separate email. Welcome!