Warehouse workers for many different tasks

Warehouse workers for many different tasks

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Are you a hard-working and conscientious worker? Are you interested in warehouse job assignments?

We are constantly looking for motivated employees for interesting jobs for our client companies in the field of logistics. We have both light and heavy work available. All kinds of basic warehouse tasks are offered (collection, packing, shelving, pricing, etc.) Shifts are mostly done often in two shifts between 6am and 10pm.

We are seeking for people for long-term as well as full-time employment and for short-term gigs. In addition, we are looking for workers seeking part-time work. Our job assignments are suitable for all job seekers. Whether you're a student, a gap year out of college, just demobilized from the military, unemployed or working. You can also be an experienced logistics professional only in the beginning of your career. The most important thing is that your attitude is correct, and you perform your assigned duties conscientiously!

Several positions require the age of majority.

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