In Norway, nearly all electricity meters will be changed to remotely readable meters by the end of 2018. For Aidon, this means a renewal of 1.5 million measuring points: Aidon supplies energy service devices measuring electricity consumption to more than half of Norway’s measuring points. Barona ensures smooth and high-quality production throughout the project.

“In September 2010, we had our first Barona employee start work with us in our Vantaa unit, taping material places to the floor. By Christmas, we had 10 people from Barona working with us. Now the first Barona employee is on a work assignment in Norway, where we opened our logistics hub, the Aidon Customization Centre, in the summer 2016,” Says Head of Production Petri Ounila from Aidon Oy.

Aidon challenge and solution

An extensive reform, in accordance with the EU directive, for smart electricity meters that can be read remotely is taking place in Norway. Aidon’s customers consist of 40 different electricity companies in total. The electricity meters are delivered in quick pace, which means approximately five million minutes of work during the project. The pace has also accelerated: in 2016, Aidon produced as much as ten times more devices for Norway than the previous year.

Aidon has four of their own employees and nearly 40 of Barona’s employees working for the production tasks. Barona is responsible for personnel. “Precise personnel management,” Ounila praises.

Petri Ounila has been particularly satisfied with Barona’s knowledge about collective bargaining. “There is no need for doubting or guessing, everything can be left for Barona to handle.” Aidon also uses Barona as a recruitment partner when looking for skilled personnel for different roles.

Flexibility in peaks

Ounila says that he is satisfied with Barona’s expertise suitable for their field. Barona’s personnel solution creates flexibility, as Aidon’s operations vary according to projects.

“Barona’s desire to get things done has been commendable. We have managed to find a solution to all problems, and our discussion has been open,” Ounila says.

He says that the biggest challenge has been to find enough employees, especially to Norway. “The employee turnover is greater there than in Finland. Now the situation has become more stable, when Barona sent a person to work in Norway. We have been working with this person for years.”

Barona may not be the cheapest partner, but Ounila believes that it is not worth running after the cheapest price. The total package is what counts.

At the turn of the year, an electric tool will be taken into use in order to make work shift planning even smoother. Barona will also supply a stamping device that records the employees’ working hour entries. Barona has also been able to offer accommodation through Forenom.

Chemistries in place

In Norway, the working group includes people from 14 different countries. “It takes some adjusting,” Ounila says, referring to cultural differences and also personal chemistry. The employees are trained for a free and responsible working culture. At Aidon, there is no hierarchical “boss and subordinate” setup, but everyone is free to work independently. According to Ounila, functional teams have been formed with the right kind of work shifts.

“The atmosphere at the work stations is good and operations have been appropriate. We have gotten high-quality employees from Barona,” says Ounila. “Everything is in order.”



Aidon is a leading Nordic developer and supplier of smart energy measuring solutions and intelligent network applications. Aidon’s reading systems and energy service devices are based on open architecture, and they are already in use in more than 1.5 million measuring points in the Nordic countries. In Norway, Aidon is currently implementing a nation-wide remotely readable electricity meter reform by supplying energy service devices for measuring electricity and monitoring the electrical grid. The final assembly of the devices is done at Aidon’s logistics hub, from where they are delivered to Norwegian electricity companies to be installed in households. The supply projects will last until the end of 2018. Aidon was established at the end of 2004. The company has offices in Jyväskylä, Finland and Asker, Norway as well as Täby, Sweden, and a logistics center in Vantaa, Finland and Bærum, Norway.

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