It was the year 2014. Business area Vice President Juha Martiskainen was reflecting on the challenges for stand sales that one of Barona´s customers was facing. As the head of Barona´s Sales business area, he had redefined the mission of his business area. Instead of limiting the mission of Sales simply to the procurement or efficient use of resources, he expanded it to include improving our clients´sales results. Within this mindset, client relationships were re-examined to figure out how we could truly make sales.

It is not enough to provide the employees. If we mean to truly stand out, we must go one step further and take responsibility for the end result.

-Juha Martiskainen

Some exhibition stands were raking in sales while others were not. Was this the result of lack of proactivity, skills, or perhaps due to an unfavorable location? This was impossible to know. Stands were just set up in the morning, taken down in the evening and at the end of the month, the sales were tallied. How, then, to improve the sales results?

To lead with data, one must first have it. In roving sales there are no real-time situation updates. We decided to change this.

-Juha Martiskainen

As an analytically-minded person, Juha concluded that more information was required. This way investments could be targeted correctly. Juha got in touch with Perttu Mäkimartti, in charge of developing Barona´s digital services. In the first idea session they came up with the idea of a easy-to-use mobile application where sales are registered in real-time. This way the manager can monitor the situation in real-time and focus on the right concerns and solutions, such as additional training or change of location.

In this project, mobility and usability were key.

Reporting has to be easy so it gets done. It works best when all parties benefit, including the sales person.

-Perttu Mäkimartti

Design was also an important consideration. The team included Vesa Paavilainen from Barona´s in-house development team and Laura Snellman-Junna who was working at Wunderdog at the time. The starting point was to maximize simplicity. Usage and reporting had to be simple enough so that anyone could understand the status at a glance. The service had to be mobile and the content interesting to the sales person. In this case, it is information about their personal sales results. This information is, of course, interesting to the sales person because their bonuses are tied to sales.

The new service is a conversation starter.  It is a stepping stone for further development.

-Perttu Mäkimartti

The service has been developed much further since its launch. It has been shaped into a full-service workdesk for stand sales. In addition to registering sales activities, logging work hours and planning workshifts can also be done in-app. This saves time and energy.  The service is also used as a tool outside the cooperation for which it was originally created.  It can be offered to any clients who are thinking about how grow and develop their sales.

Development is ongoing. Enhanced, in-app sales reporting is planned to include features relating to planning and managing sales, such as analytics and managing the sales funnel. Perhaps in the future, the service will include artificial intelligence and a recommendation engine that will analyze historical data to advise sales persons on what they should focus in their own work.

Kryptonite is a solution for monitoring and managing roving sales that allows for real-time monitoring. The application was developed to meet real-life client needs and we offer the tool as a part of of our personnel solutions for sales.

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