A client was frustrated by poor transparency in their logistics process. For Barona, this meant that workloads for our part of the process were impossible to predict. As a result, there were often too many or too few employees present.

Barons was responsible for the stage toward the end of the service chain where ocean cargo was received at a logistics center, the shipping crates unloaded and then sent to their destinations.

When workloads are unpredictable it is impossible to to provide good quality, cost-effectively. Kari Heikkilä

Work shifts were planned with methods akin to fortunetelling. The situation was further complicated by laborious, manual reporting processes between Barona and the client. Logistics expert, Olli Nieminen, a strong advocate of LEAN methods, had observed the situation on-site.

No information was directed through systems, but instead work was managed with very traditional methods. Therefore, although the right things got done at different points of the service chain, they had to be repeated at each stage of the process because the information was not passed on. Olli Nieminen

Olli had noticed that the problems originated at an early stage in the process. The client themselves did not know the movements of the shipping crates and which crate was headed where at any given time. When crates were being picked up from the harbor, employees knocked on the walls of the crates to figure out which crate was empty and which was full.

At this point Olli and Kari contacted Perttu Mäkimartti in charge of developing Barona´s digital services to jointly figure out a solution that would improve the tracking of the entire logistics chain.

At first, we were wondering how to get all the different actors in the delivery chain to commit to using the service, but that was child´s play. Everyone saved so much time and energy with this solution. Perttu Mäkimartti

The solution was the Kontti-service which has a built-in user interface for all the actors in the logistics chain: buyers, suppliers, freight forwarders, delivery companies and marketing. It was easy to get the parties committed to using the service as its advantages were so clear. Instead of all the paperwork and forms there is now a simple mobile interface. Everyone will always know when a shipment is arriving and how many products it will contain.

Previously, no one in the chain knew when a shipment would arrive or what quantities it would contain. Now we can always predict our resource needs. We can therefore do quality work that is highly cost-effective. Kari Heikkilä

After further development, a feature for prioritizing shipments was added. There are also plans for increasingly-effective reception by automatizing the process even further.


Kontti is a solution for the management of the entire logistics process that gives you insight into where and how your products are moving.The application was developed to meet real-life client needs and we offer the tool as a part of of our personnel solutions for logistics.

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