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Increased efficiency in internal logistics with outsourcing

Outsourcing internal logistics is a good alternative when bigger changes are needed to optimize both processes and personnel solutions. The crucial thing is to create a genuine partnership with the customer. Successfully implemented outsourcing can achieve considerable qualitative and financial benefits in the long term.

What is typical with the most successful outsourcing customers is that we have a strong collaboration with the customer. True development is created only by collaborating and partnering."

Tuomas Mäkinen
Service Director, Barona Logistics
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Tuomas Mäkinen
Service Director
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The benefits of outsourcing logistics

Examples of logistics outsourcing services

Our special expertise includes planning outsourcing solutions, change management and producing outsourced services. We combine versatile HR skills with industry-specific logistics expertise, experience in implementing challenging transformation projects and customer-oriented solutions. We achieve the best quality and efficiency for outsourced operations by tailoring the solutions for each company. Reliability and quality are essential to our operations. We also have efficient systems to support our operations.