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In logistics, predicting the necessary workforce can be a challenge. Temporary staffing enables flexible and quick resourcing amid changing situations and seasonal changes. We also offer direct recruiting, pool models and recruitment marketing.

The foundation of a successful company is always skillful and motivated personnel. Finding skillful and motivated staff requires a deep understanding of the company, its operational models, culture and business sector."

Kim Hipari
Service Director, Barona Logistics
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Kim Hipari
Service Director
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The benefits of logistics staffing and recruitment services

Help to logistics resourcing
from staffing and recruitment services

We are one of the largest logistics operators in the staffing and recruiting services field in Finland. We employ workers in all positions in warehousing and terminal services in both long and short assignments, and yearly we help over 3000 workers find employment. Thanks to our wide employee network, we can find the right workers quickly. We have over 15 years’ experience in logistics resourcing, and our recruitment consultants have robust industry expertise.