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Service The Logistics Training Services

The Logistics Training Services improve the availability of skilled logistics professionals in Finland

The availability of skilled and motivated logistics professionals is getting more and more difficult. The Logistics Training Services produce recruiting trainings, lorry driver trainings, trainings aiming for a degree, and tailor-made training programs. The target of the Training Services is to look for motivated future employees and train them to be skilled professionals in various logistics tasks.

What pleases me the most, is noticing how someone after a long unemployment period is succeeding and enjoying their new job. In the best case we can create a solid career path for them, which enables continuous personal development."

Antti Paakkulainen
Training Manager, Barona Logistics
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Antti Paakkulainen
Training Manager
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The benefits of The Logistics Training Services

The Logistics Training Services enable
companies to get skilled professionals

The training services find and educate skilled personnel for logistics positions. The recruitment trainings are targeting unemployed and those under unemployment threat. The aim is to get more skilled and motivated logistics professionals of those who have not necessarily previously seen logistics as a suitable career option. In 2018 The Logistics Training Services held recruitment training for 250 students, of which 80 % got a permanent job after the training. The apprentice program trains skilled lorry drivers in an 18-month program.